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A Parallel Metaverse of Crypto Fun!

80s Token & NFTs

  • 7% of every purchase back to holders

  • 3% directly to liquidity for price stability

  • Buy 1 Billion, Get 10 Million tokens free!

  • Buy, Sell & Trade 80s Inspired NFTs

A Rewards Cryptocurrency &
80s Inspired NFT Artwork

Set slippage to 14% on PancakeSwap

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About 80s Token & NFTs

Don't Just Sit There, Bust a Move!


80s Token is a parallel metaverse cryptocurrency token built on the Binance Smart Chain, this blockchain is fast as hell.


80s Token pays you more 80s token crypto every time someone new buys some.

  • 7% of all new token purchases to the existing 80s Token holders.

  • 3% is sent directly to Pancake Swap to increase liquidity and promote price stability

  • 2% is reserved for burns, development, marketing, NFT collections and support of up-and-coming artists. 

One quadrillion 80s Tokens minted.

  • You can be an 80s Crypto Billionaire or even 80s Crypto Trillionaire!


There is the ability to burn tokens to create more scarcity, but not the ability to mint new ones.

  • These functions are hard coded into the smart contracts, and are immutable.

  • Initial liquidity locked forever by the Decade Metaverse angels.

  • 80s Token is for entertainment purposes, and because it's cool.

This Crypto is Totally Awesome!

80s Inspired NFTs


Enter a portal into a parallel metaverse where an alternate version of the 1980s and a futuristic decade of the 2180s exist simultaneously.

Buy & sell NFTs from our exclusive, curated NFT collections of 80s and future wave inspired new characters by talented artists.

Submit your own NFTs or NFT collections to be featured on


The 2180s NFTs Coming Soon!




It takes great talent

to change the game.


Phase 1



  • Secure Angel Funding

  • Mint BEP-20 80s Token

  • Procure initial NFT art

  • Build community blog

  • Complete website

Phase 2



  • Expand NFT artists

  • Burn tokens

  • NFT contests

  • Expand marketing

  • Mint new decade tokens

Phase 3



  • Build Decade Swap DEX

  • Increase decade tokens

  • Community NFT series

  • Community rewards

  • Airdrops of new tokens

Get in Touch

Have questions about 80s Token cryptocurrency, our NFT collections, or would like to submit NFTs to be featured?

Send us proof of purchase of 1 billion 80s Tokens and we will send 10 million 80s Tokens to your address FREE!

Look forward to hearing from you!

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