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How to Buy 80s Token on

How to Buy 80s Tokens and other Cryptocurrency Tokens on PancakeSwap

What you will need:

1). An account on an exchange like

2). A crypto web browser wallet like Metamask.

Sign up for a account. (or outside the U.S.)

Sign up for a Metamask wallet

(Make sure you store you pass phrase somewhere securely)

Add money to your account.

(lower fees)

Buy some BNB tokens (Binance’s native crypto)

Add Binance Smart Chain Mainnet to your Metamask wallet

Send BNB to Metamask from

Click the “Connect” button in the top right corner.

Choose Metamask from the pop-up window choices.

Click on Trade from the top menu.

In the exchange window click on the gear icon, under where is says “Slippage Tolerance” enter the number 12.

Click the X in the top corner of the pop-up window to close, and you will be back on the swap exchange window.

Under the word “From” enter the amount of BNB you want to spend (your balance of BNB from Metamask should be visible)

Click on “Select a Currency” and paste into the input box the contract address for 80sToken.

80s Token contract address:

Click on “Swap” and make sure you Confirm the transaction on your Metamask wallet.

Within a few minutes you should see your balance of BNB on your Metamask wallet has decreased.

Click on the “Assets” tab in your Metamask, scroll down and click on “Import Tokens”

Paste the 80s Token contract address into the “Token Contract Address” field.

The Token Symbo “80S” should automatically fill the “Token Symbol” field.

Click “Add Custom Token”

Go back to your “Assets” tab and you should see your 80s Tokens in your Metamask wallet!

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